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Welcome at ARSU GmbH

For further information please contact Dr. Marc Reichenbach by phone under +49 (0)441 9717493 or via email (

Our expertise:

  • ARSU GmbH is a working group for environmental and regional planning and research, which can look back on nearly thirty years of practical and scientific experience. Our scope of work covers the respective services for
  • Offshore infrastructure developments (especially for exploration and production of oil and gas)
  • Coastal infrastructure developments (especially harbour projects and extensions)
  • Energy and traffic infrastructure development (especially power plants and railways)
  • Landscape development (renaturalisation concepts, research and best-practice projects, sustainable land use, mitigation and compensation concepts)
  • Wind energy (extensive national and international experience from more than 150 projects, research for the federal environmental ministry, special expertise for bird and bat impact assessments)
  • Regional development and planning (especially sustainable touristic concepts, economic and ecological structure analysis)
  • Environmental economy (especially for climate change adaptation, water infrastructure, renewable energy)

Our service:

  • Environmental impact assessments, appropriate assessments for Natura 2000 sites, special species conservation assessments, impact regulation (avoidance, mitigation, compensation)
  • Assessments in the context of water frame work directive and UNESCO world heritage sites
  • Environmental monitoring and surveys
  • Planning of compensation measures (natural offset concepts)
  • Regional and structural development concepts
  • Economic analysis
  • Climate protection and adaptation concepts
  • Applied research

Selected international projects:

  • A five-year project in Scotland concerning plan approval for two wind farms (EIA, AA, extensive field work, negotiations with the relevant regional and national authorities)
  • Review of “Guidelines Concerning Impact Assessment of Wind Power Stations on Birds” on behalf on the Polish Wind Energy Association
  • Wind farm projects in Bulgaria and Australia (consulting service for investors and authorities)
  • Bird impact assessments for 12 wind farm locations in southern Italy
  • Two Interreg-projects “Transnational Ecological Networks“ and “Wetlands in Spatial Planning” with partners from the Netherlands (five different provinces), Denmark, Sweden and the UK.
  • Environmental impact assessments for oil and gas exploration and production projects in the North Sea (e.g. seismic campaigns, platforms, pipeline and cable laying, scour protection)

Selected international clients:

  • Wintershall Noordzee B.V., The Netherlands
  • Gassco AS, Norway
  • PA Ressources Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Hansa Hydrocarbons, The Netherlands
  • Federal Agency for Energy, Switzerland
  • Femern A/S, Denmark